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Contract Law
Training programs on contract law will help actual and/or legal entities to build more powerful and protective relationships and help them do their investments more consciously and to enable both the parties and the society to benefit from their actions North Cyprus Law Clinic will provide comparative information on Continental Europe, Anglo-Saxon and international law from time to time.
Foreign Investment Law
The aim of the training programs as regards to Foreign Investment Law is to encourage foreign investments, to protect the rights of the foreign investors, and to help to keep the investment and investor definitions up to national standards, allowing the realization of foreign direct investment through the transformation of the information system to approval system by determining policy covers to work on principles for increasing foreign direct investment. You will find our entire guiding legal aid course at North Cyprus Law Clinic, which is necessary to be successful in foreign investments.
Corporate and Commercial Law
North Cyprus Law Clinic will provide information and training on setting up a company, their legal responsibilities, and about their operation. Information and the training legal structure of the company, the liability of shareholders, different types of companies, legal information necessary for the continuity of the company, commercial life until the formation of the company and awareness-knowledge training on the law will be provided; as well as providing comparative information on Turkey’s Commercial Code and law in England from time to time.
Online Commerce Law (e-Commerce)
Electronic Commerce Law due to increased sales on the internet is becoming more important every day. Although not having an enacted law specifically on Electronic Commerce Law, enforcements have been made out of general commerce principles due to the internet.
Electronic Commerce Law has become very important to minimize the risk of the sales made on the internet, to ensure that appropriate sales are carried out to remote sales conditions. Many websites have been approved in parallel with the increase of sales on the internet and these websites have started to make sales transactions over the internet. North Cyprus Law Clinic offers training services to eliminate the occurrence of troubles in e-commerce.
Insurance Law
This pertains to the body of law on insurance which includes insurance policies, insurance claims, insurance regulations, and rates, and recently enacted laws. Basically, insurance law can be broken into three categories: the business of insurance, the content of insurance policies, and the handling of claims. The term insurance describes any measure taken for protection against risks. When insurance takes the form of a contract one party, the insured, pays a specified amount of money (premium) to another party (the insurer). The insurer in turn agrees to compensate the insured for a specific future loss. The losses covered are in the contract and the contract is called a policy. North Cyprus Law Clinic will be able to assess and teach how these rules are examined through the system.

Human Rights Law
Human rights law forms the basis of modern society. One of the main sources of Human Rights Law is to ensure that individuals are safe and have a fair life. This branch of law needs to be known in order to be aware of everyone’s rights. The training programs that will be given out by North Cyprus Law Clinic will clarify what human rights are and short-term training services will be provided to build consciousness to the development and increased public awareness about the basics of human rights to help benefit the community’s development.
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Tax Law
One of the main liabilities of real persons and legal entities towards the government, the tax liability, causes a huge problem to both the government and to the parties at the same time as a result of not knowing their responsibility and tax liability. North Cyprus Law Clinic, will provide training in order to ensure that individuals continue to contribute to society.
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